Sarva Gun Sappanna.................. ha ha ha

sarva gun sampann

Once a young Brahmin went to the house of a very
respectable old Brahmin to ask for his young daughters
hand. "My dear Sir", he goes "I have heard that your
daughter has all the good qualities

of a Bahu"?

The old brahmin answered "Haan !! More that that, she
is Sundara Vati and Padma Vati" "But can she cook and
keep house"? Asked the young man "Oh yes, she is
Dharma Vati" answered the old man

"Now, can she sew"? asked the young man "Oh yes yes,
she can not only sew, but she is KalaVati " answered
the old man

"What about her education"? Asked the young man "She
is Vidya Vati" answered the old man

And the Vedas"? Asked the young man

"Oh yes yes , she is Veda Vati" answered

the old man

The young man is very happy to find the perfect

bride and gets married to her.

Two days later he comes back with his newly married
bride in tow. The old Brahmin is surprised. He asks
"What happeded son"? Why do you look so upset?

The young man says "Well sir you told me that your

daughter is SundaraVati, PadmaVati, DharmaVati, Kala
Vati, VidyaVati and VedaVati.

But you did'nt tell me that she is "GARBHAVATI" also!!