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Pakistan Magazine about India:

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The information below
about India given in Pakistan magazine "The News
International" by "Mr.
Masood Khan" on December 14, 2004 .

*World's 5 largest car companies
are procuring their spare
parts from India. In 2002, the export was
Rs.1700 crores and it quadrupled in 2003 to Rss.7000 crores. In the
next 5 years this will cross Rs.70,000 crores.

* India's HERO HONDA
is the world largest Motorcycle manufacturing company. It manufactures
17 lacks motorcycles per year.

* England's popular Rover car company
is going to manufacture TATA INDICA the Indian technology car at the
rate of 1 lack car per year.

* "BHARAT FORGE" had emerged as the
largest forging company in the world and supplies its products to world
popul! ar companies like Volvo, Toyota, Honda etc.

an Indian paint company has its Manufacturing plants in 22 countries
across 5 continents and is the market leader in 11 countries.

"HINDUSTAN INKS" an Indian ink manufacturing company is producing
largest 1 lack ton Ink per annum with its manufacturing branches at
Europe & America.

* "Escelfbopack" an Indian Company has
manufacturing plants in 11 countries and World's 25 %, Pastes and
medicines are packed in their product.

* Many Indian Industries
keeps getting world popular awards.

* The Popular Austin car company
have given order to an Indian company for new designs.

Multinational car companies like Susuki, Hundai & Ford have started
exporting their cars from India and by 2010, they will export around 5
lacks car from India.

* Indian Medicine sector manufactures products
worth Rs! .30,000 crores per year out of which Rs.10,000 crores are

* Due to better performance of Indian Industrial sector
their share in Indian market has raised from 25 to 65% where as the
multinationals share reduced from 75 to 35%.

* Indian Herbal
business grown to Rs.4,000 crore per annum.

* India contributes 20%
of world's textile manufacturing.

* India is proudly established its
own Super Computer where as the other Super computer established
countries are only America & Japan.

* India is one among the 6
countries, which can build and launch Satellites. Even technologically
advanced countries like Germany & Belgium yet to do that.

* Due to
Insat Organization, India had become the very bignational satellite
network country in the World. India is exporting the information

from the INSAT org to other countries like Germany, Holland, America,
Japan, Britain, South Africa, etc.

* 9 out of 10 Diamonds in the world are
cut & polished in India being the no.1 Diamond works country in
* India & China's business has grown to 104% with in a

* India's foreign reserve had raised from 82 billion US$ to 118
billion US$.

* India had returned back the IMF loan before the due
date and started funding other countries.

* Indian software is
perfect but just 1/10th of the world prize.

* India provides software
to 7 out of 10 largest CD-ROM manufactures in the world.

* India
spends only Rs.70,000 for producing a MBA whereas in America the
is Rs.54 Lacks.

* The Eye Cataract operation in India costs only
Rs.600 where as in America Rs.7000.

* A Heart surgery in India costs
only Rs.40,000 where as in America it is Rs. 6 lacks.

* The R&D
expense to make a car in America is Rs.4,500 crores whereas in India
half of its expense the R&D is done with same perfection.

* More than
70 multinational companies have established their R&D ! centres in

* Indian telephone & Internet network expanding by crore in

* 100 out of Fortune 500 companies have come to India
to do business while only 33 have gone to China.

* So, India is
making jumping progress in the World's market, which is ranging from
Brazil to China,

* According to Mr.Masood Khan "these developments
have not come to India in a day or by luck. In India also same
situations of Pakistan exists like Dirty politics, Corruption,
fficials, poor infrastructure etc. But still India keeps growing every
day and nobody can deny the fact. This happens because the Indian
people are not just seeing the dirty problems around them but they
see the confidence star on the sky, the growth opportunity and working
for it with self motivation having a target for progress".