Darangya: A weird and irritating fellow

Dhaar Marna: to pee

Dhakkan Literal Meaning: bottle stopper, lid
Slang Meaning: Stupid, unintelligent, brain-less, slow, dim-witted
Example: 1) Abe dhakkan, tujhe agar Liberty me movie dekhni hain toh Amravati Road pe kya hila raha hain.
Translated: Stupid, if you want to watch movie at Liberty, what the hell you are doing at Amravati Road (how boring)

Dhapna: Steal something and thinking(most probably) that an act of bravery has been done.
eg:abe maine uska chasma dhap diya.
(This is what the meaning which I could make out during one of the conversion which I heard;Any body can give the correct meaning if known)

Dhasu: something which is too good

Dhepat: A Fat Person, also name of large kancha/kanche

Dhor: An ugly animal...
Ex: Kya re kale Dhor kidhar jaraa...