Fal fal: Dont interfare..
ex. Abe jyada falfal mat kar

Fate tak: Literally `till you burst` e.g., fate tak khaaya, etc.. heard in the campus of VRCE mostly.

Fek mat: Don`t exaggerate or Don`t lie.
eg:jyada mat fek;mujhe sab pata hai(do not exaggerate/lie,I know every thing!)

Fight: a kick or punch, used to say this when we were kids e.g. ekich fight maroonga na to mahal pohonch jaayenga.

Fitna: It means to pass through some bad phase or an uwanted incident .
eg .. abe vaha pe meri gadi kharab hui aaur koi puncturewala bhi nahi tha aas pas isliye mai purra fit gaya .

Fittas: to equalize....another nagpuri term for this is muddal

Fod dala: to hit so hard that it breaks-specially used during quarrel between two persons.
eg.Sale ko maine use fod dala
fod dalunga sale!