Lapet: To agree half heartedly or disagree while listening to a person.(lapetna is an act carried out during kite flying by wounding the kite thread on the chakri)
eg.bol bol mai lapet raha hun!

Lappasi: To kill time/do nothing just lie down/talk nonsense when are with your friends/anything useless...
Q:-Kya kiya re Goa mein?
A:-Kuchh nahi do din to bass lappasi kiya baad mein ghumne gaye!

Lasan Chotlya: Sometimes called to a foolish person or it is used to make fun of somebody
ex: Aee Lasan Choltlya, idhar aana bey !!

Lawdin: Bewitch

Le Vat Le: To ask some one to leave.
for eg - Chal nikal le vat le yaha se