Maahol: meaning - to rock!
ex. someone saying to his friend - \abe, maahol karto aahe tu aaj kal !!\
This is one word that adapts itself for any context:
1. Kya mahol shot mara tendulkar ne , means what a nice shot
2. Uske baapu ka accident me mahol ho gaya , means his dad died in accident.
3. Agar tu ne yeh jeans pehna na to mahol ho jaega , means if you wear this jeans people will appreciate and you will grab attention kinds

Maal: ...a cool girl who makes eyes pop-out of all the guys in the college.
almost every nagpurian has had a maal in his hay days. right?? :-) :-)

Maddar: Murder

Male bee gaar: JUST FILTER THE TEA TO DRINK.........

Mandrya: Cockeyed person

Manter nako deu: Dont lie
e.g. if any body is lieing then other person would say be manter nako deu