Nagpur Slang Dictionary - 31

Sahee/Ek Number/Fod Dala: You have excelled in your accomplishment.
eg. Suppose somebody topped in the college,his Nagpurian colleague Sahee Sarang,ek number, fod diya tune exams mein

Sant Aadmi: Sant ideally means religious and here sant aadmi means lazy and not flirting with girls.
eg: Abe chutiye, Pammu se baat nahi karega.. saala sant aadmi hai...

Sattak: Awesome girl! Kya satyak maal hai.

Savji:, spicy non vegetarian food. especially mutton.
A true nagpurian can recollect taste of savji dishes anywhere in the world. and the best part is that its available only in NAGPUR!! :-) :-)

Shayne: trying to be smart

Shaana: shana - acting smart
eg. Kyon be shana samjhata hai kya apne aap ko?, jada shan patti mat kar