Nagpur Slang Dictionary - 34

Thakodya: Dull person who lost all enthu

Thandi baj rahi hai: Feeling cold

Thasan: Attitude

Thulya: Police wala (common name mama)

Toap: (cannon) maara kya? Have you a done a big deal? bohot bada toap maar liya kya?

Tod: the meaning of this word is somthing which has been done with too much courage or something very good and is used like this by nagpurians as Kya TOD picture thi yaar

Tonda Cha Sandas: Means you committed something; and you don`t follow the commitment. Generally speak in East Nagpur.

Tthass: dumb e.g abey kitna tthass hai tu means how dumb you are

TTMM: (tu tera main mera) Usually a decision made by a group of friends before going out to party. It means all of them would contribute for the bill.
eg: Saalon koi party warty nahin. TTMM chal rahe honge to bolo.